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Michigan State Game Score

Even if Ohio State goes on to win the national championship this season, that thrill might be the second sweetest the Buckeyes feel this season. It’s hard to imagine anything — even a second College Football Playoff title in three years — topping their 30-27 double-overtime victory over Michigan. The largest crowd in Ohio Stadium — 110,045 emotion-whipped fans — witnessed one of the most exciting and improbable games in the history of the storied rivalry.


"The Dynasty Continues" by Thomas Andrew Art | In this painting you will see: 1) The final score of the National Championship reflecting in the pupils. 2) The hidden "A" in his ear. 3) The number 16 is at the bottom of his tail. 4) The green on his knee and in the grass represents the battle and defeat of Michigan State. 5) The dead tiger beneath his feet represents the 3 tigers Alabama defeated this season: LSU, Auburn, and Clemson. 6) The orange in the grass is the blood from the Clemson…