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Micro adventures

17 Free Micro-Adventures

It’s easy to think of adventure as something out of reach… too self-indulgent, too expensive, too time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This past year I’ve embraced the idea of "micro-adventures" as a way to add more excitement and inspiration to my daily life. A micro-adventure can be almost anything. As long as it’s easy, exciting (whatever that means for you), and breaks up your routine.

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Do You Want To Go On An Adventure

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17 Free Micro-Adventures

Need ideas for adventures on a budget? Check this out! 17 FREE Micro-Adventures (Guest Post by Sarah Shotts Storytelling​)

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14 Inspiring MicroAdventure Ideas

14 Inspiring Ideas for Micro Adventures. You don't need to go far, spend much or have loads of time for a microadventure. Here's 14 ways to squeeze one in.

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How Microadventures Can Enrich Your Life

If you are looking for a staycation close to home, why not turn it into one of my suggestions for microadventures? || The Best Staycation – How Microadventures Can Enrich Your Life || The Planet D Adventure Travel Blog

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Short, simple, local adventure ideas, videos and best-selling book.