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The Vinci Difference: Best Micro Scalp Pigmentation Treatment Available The technique behind MSP is based on the pigments implant at the epidermal level and has been designed to create an optical hair simulation on the scalp that reproduces the look of a shaved or closely cropped hair. Vinci Hair Clinic has developed this treatment over several years, and will guide you through your MSP options. #scalppigmentation #MSP #vincihair #hairloss #scars #alopecia #pigmentation


Look years younger with Scalp Micro pigmentation! #renewyourself #baldness #hairloss #scalpaesthetics


With our amazing #ScalpMicroPigmentation treatment, we can replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles! Incredible results guaranteed!

Scalp micro pigmentation offers the perfect answer to hair loss. Not only do you mask your thinning hair, but you also join the ranks of the fashionable generation...


Assad's Micro Scalp Pigmentation Hairline - Over the 4 or so sessions I had, the design of my Micro Scalp Pigmentation hairline was established, the density was created so it replicated real hair follicles, and over all the ability to tell the difference between my existing hair and the MSP treatment is practically undetectable #happy #satisfied #selfconfidence #selfesteem #improvement #hair #MSP #hairtatoo #scalp #lifechanging

Bald men turn to hair tattoos to creates the illusion of short hair

It is claimed hair tattoos are pain free, with most clients describing a light tingling sensation in the scalp. Bryan Slaven is pictured before ndergoing the Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment

Micro Scalp Pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure, normally performed over three sessions. Contact us today for more information #micropigmentation #pigmentation #camouflage #hairtattoo #hairtransplant #hair #vincihair

Been about 6 months since I had the micro scalp pigmentation done @vincihair Glasgow it hasn't changed one bit. Highly recommend this procedure if you're worried about your hairline. Contact @scottmcgaw1 ( / for more info if interested! Michael Rybarczyk #msp #vincihair #pigmentation #‎bodybuilding‬


#ScalpMicroPigmentation is a latest artistic technique which is very safe and effective. This scalp micro pigmentation is the best concealer in both men and also women for camouflaging the appearance of thinning of hair and scalp irregularity due to scarring.