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Microwaved Poached Eggs.... *Fill a mug 1/3 full with cold water. *Crack a free range egg carefully into the water being careful not to break the yolk. *Microwave on high for 1 minute. *Remove from the microwave and let it sit in the water for 20 seconds so the egg continues to set. *Lift your egg out of the water with a spoon. If you want it cooked more pop it back in the microwave for another 10 seconds. *Pop it on a piece of toast and enjoy your super easy poached egg.

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Scrambled Egg in a Mug and a 2 Minute Breakfast Sandwich

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Omelet in a Mug

Microwaveable Omelet in a Mug recipe from The Country Cook. It's healthy thanks to the Eggland's Best eggs. The eggs turn out so fluffy and it's all done in about a minute! So good. Perfect for folks doing low carb or busy mornings!

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How to perfectly poach an egg in the microwave

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Fried Egg For One (Made in a Microwave with No Oil)

Great recipe for Fried Egg For One (Made in a Microwave with No Oil). This is a convenient way of preparing a sunny-side-up if you're just planning on having one by yourself. The cooking time will vary according to the size of the dish, temperature of the eggs, and the strength of your microwave. I use a 500W microwave, and eggs straight from the fridge. (Recipe by doiko)

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Microwave Coffee Cup Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Microwave Coffee Cup Scrambled Eggs: my favorite new breakfast, snack or lunch. Spray pam in a coffee cup, and 2 eggs and a splash of milk, scramble with a fork and microwave 45 seconds. Stir again, add a pinch of shredded cheese if desired and microwave again for 45 seconds. Viola!

3 Minute Blueberry Banana Microwave "Baked" Oatmeal in a Mug- a quick, easy and oh so scrumptious gluten-free breakfast!
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Blueberry Banana Microwave Baked Oatmeal in a Mug