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Zombie Apocalypse: A Middle School Geography PBL Unit

Why learn geography when you can save the world from a zombie apocalypse?In this PBL unit, students will learn about different types of maps through analyzing data and maps of the Eastern Hemisphere. Students will then apply their geographic knowledge to create six different types of maps that depict the geographically altered, post-apocalyptic world. Would have to do more research into this, but it sounds like an engaging project to teach geography skills.


Middle school students are straddling the world between childhood excitement during the Christmas season and adult disinterest. Regardless of the mood they're in, students should love the following...

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End-of-the-Year Amazing Race Geography/World Cultures Project

End-of-the-Year Amazing Race Project Geography/World Cultures by Creath's Class | Teachers Pay Teachers

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10 Games to Make Middle School Geography Fun & Interesting

Games to Make Middle School Geography Fun & Interesting - Education Possible We know students of all ages benefit by adding hands-on learning activities to their geography studies. During the middle school years kids also enjoy exploring fun facts and trivia — games are a fun and effective tool to aid in this type of learning. Games can help students remember important geography information such as locations, flags, capitals, famous landmarks, population, cultural etiquette, and more.

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The Amazing Race: A Middle School PBL Unit

Kick your geography curriculum up a notch with this PBL unit. Students create a leg of The Amazing Race TV show, complete with interactive clues an...


FREE - Google Earth Latitude and Longitude: U.S. Capitals worksheet. I use this with my sixth grade students when we learn about latitude and longitude. This worksheet has 15 sets of latitude and longitude coordinates. Students are to find the capital city located at each set of coordinates using Google Earth.


Visit Jodi's Jewels today for color and label MODIFIED maps of countries, continents, and regions created for middle school co-teach, inclusion, and special ed students! Enrich your middle school social studies units today!


A Kickstarter Project: Zombie-Based Learning: Geography taught in Zombie Apocalypse - "This project is to design a full middle school geography curriculum taught in the context of a Zombie Apocalypse. This project is part text book, part teaching plans, part role playing simulation"