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Mike ike

almond M&Ms and Mike &Ikes to make Christmas lights- this would be cute on a cake

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Miniature Dollhouse Box of Reeses Pieces Chocolate Candy

Miniature Dollhouse Candy boxes with loose candy (from Mike & Ike to Junior Mints) --1:12 scale.

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Giant "Chocolate Glazed donut" cake for Police Academy graduation. Yellow cake baked in ~ 7in diameter ring mold pan, frosted with buttercream and chocolate buttercream and "sprinkled" with Mike & Ike candies!

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Cut green Mike & Ike candies in half. I used a lighter to heat up my knife so I got really clean cuts by carefully holding the knife blade over the flame for a few seconds to heat it up then cut through the candies. Immediately press the sticky cut side of the Mike and Ike candy onto the wider end of an Almond M Repeat to create as many M and Mike and Ike Christmas Lights as you want.

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Community Post: 12 Popsicle-Themed DIY Projects To Welcome Warm Weather

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cute summertime cupcakes. popsicles = mike and ike candies and flat toothpicks. These would be awesome on the lemonade flavored cupcakes (strawberry, pink and regular)

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DIY Festive & Colorful Holiday Lights Made With Candy

Hungry Happenings: Quick and easy M and Mike and Ike Christmas Lights for gingerbread homes this year!

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