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Miko design

Miko No Yu (Student Project)

Miko No Yu hot spring powder packaging design concept by Chiun Hau You -

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Miko No Yu (Student Project)

Unique Minimalist Product Packaging Design. Natural elements. Wood stone. Miko No Yu (Student Project) by Chiun Hau You

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Miko No Yu (Student Project)

Designer: Chiun Hau You Project Type: Student Project Class: Package Design I @ Taiwan Tech Professor: Ting Chien Lin Technical suppor...

Combi set red

mikodesign's "I love Paris" doll and rabbit sew-it-yourself kit. Also comes in blue. $43

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Miko No Yu (Student Project)

Miko No Yu (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

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tanuki-kimono: “ Kimono drawing guide 2/2, by Kaoruko Maya (tumblr, pixiv, site). Booklet is available in pdf for ¥ 900 here. Here you can see : • Women belt knots examples • Men belt knot examples...

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