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Military bases

BREAKING News: Flight 370 Passenger Managed to Send Photo From Hidden iPhone Tracing Back to U.S. Military Base Diego Garcia | Humans Are Fr...

Pros and Cons of Living on a Military Base

Pros and Cons of Living on a Military Base - Trying to decide if you should live on base/post or not? Read this blog post! #militarylife #baseliving


Arctic military base, Eric Lloyd Brown on ArtStation at

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Abandoned Military Base In Murmansk, Russia. Russians dabbling in the Philadelphia Experiment? I would say so. How else would they get that stone mountain to eat that steel ship?


Decorating Small Spaces on Military Bases

Housing on military bases is usually beige walls and flooring, but these tips can make a cookie cutter house feel like your custom home.


Hyperborean Vibrations: The Secret Dulce underground base and the Grey Alien conspiracy


Military Base Gate Etiquette: 10 Small Ways to Avoid a Giant SNAFU

Awesome tips for military spouses to always have a smooth experience at the military base gate | Military wife | Military family | Military significant other | Military girlfriend


United States returns 4,000 hectares of its Japanese military bases | India & World Latest News in English at NewsX

The first base is the Tejon RCS Facility owned by Northrop Grumman. 34 54'58.78" N 118 30'20.73" W The second base is the Gray Butte RCS Facility owned by McDonnell Douglas. 34 33'21.72" N 117 38'27.61" W The third base, which is confused for being Area 51, because of the underground installation, is Helendale Avionics Facility, owned by L...


8 Reasons Why I Love Living on a Military Base

8 Reasons Why I Love Living on a Military Base - Wondering if you should live on a military base or not? Here are some reasons to think about!


Mapping the Blind Spots: Developer Unearths Secret U.S. Military Bases

Data artist Josh Begley collects satellite pictures of more than 650 U.S. military bases around the world.


Soldiers salute from M60A3 tanks during a parade in Taiwan marking 70 years since the end of World War II at a military base in Hsinchu, northern Taiwan, on July 4 2015 [2048 × 1311]

Abandoned military base

‘No Ospreys in our skies!’ Okinawa governor leads mass protest against US military bases

Right Beneath Your Feet: The Hidden Reality of Deep Underground Military Bases


Yeah Putin, Why the fuck you put your country so damn close to the U.S. military bases 😀🤣🤓