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Milk kefir recipes

How to Make Milk Kefir Cheese

Milk Kefir Cheese is one of the easiest homemade cheeses that you can make, plus it's full of healthy probiotics!

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Second ferment your kefir; Your taste buds will thank you

Second Fermenting Kefir - apparently this drastically mellows the sharp edge kefir can sometimes get, as well as jacking the probiotics up even further

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50 Reasons To Begin Drinking Kefir Today | It could be the BEST thing you do for your health |

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Kefir Sour Cream

Rich, thick, creamy Kefir Sour Cream. A super healthy alternative to store bought sour cream and easy to make using just heavy cream and milk kefir grains.

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Everything you need to know about making the extremely probiotic Milk Kefir! | Click for this and more fermentation guides from

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How to Make Kefir

Learn how to make kefir at home. Homemade milk kefir is bursting with beneficial probiotics, and it's easy and inexpensive to make it yourself at home!

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Cinnamon maple kefir 2 c milk kefir 1/2 c nut milk 1 tsp cinnamon 4 tsp dark maple syrup 4 ice cubes Blend til frothy.

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Dom's kefir making site. This is one of the most informative sites for milk and water kefir, including several recipes.

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