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Milk Thistle Extract supports liver function and enables your body to expel toxins faster. This is a useful supplement for Candida suffers, because it allows your liver to expel more Candida toxins. This should reduce your Candida symptoms.

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How to Harvest Milk Thistle

How to Harvest Milk Thistle: Most people consider milk thistle a pesky weed because it can grow tall and thorny, making it hard to even get near. However, it is loaded with medicinal benefits. The U.S. Nat'l Cancer Institute reports that milk thistle contains the active ingredient silymarin. The silymarin from milk thistle is in the seeds, which are used to make extracts or tinctures for medicinal use.

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Herbalist & Alchemist- Milk Thistle Extract 2 oz

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Nature's Way Thisilyn Standardized Milk Thistle Extract (60 Capsules)

3 Bottles of Milk Thistle Extract Silybum Marianum Provides Antioxidant Protection 200mg 80 Capsules Bottle Total 240 Capsules >>> Want to know more, click on the image.

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Olympian Labs Milk Thistle Extract Plus 60 Vegetarian Capsules

Optimize and Detoxify Your LivernnOlympian Labs Milk Thistle Extract Plus is natures powerful antioxidant and a supplement that should be taken multiple times p