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Mine garden

Flowering vines : ourcharlestonlife: “ Garden with Confederate jasmine and alligator 3 Philadelphia Alley, Charleston, SC ”

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Used coffee grounds + crushed dry egg shells = no blossom end rot (Alternative Energy and Gardning)

Organic Gardening: Coffee Grounds + Egg Shells = No Blossom Rot Just sprinkle into the soil when you plant your seeds

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Square foot gardening at it's best. I love the fence. I love the fruit trees. This is my dream! <3

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I've seen these before, but this is the first time I've seen them painted. those colors are STUNNING!!! If i was better at keeping things alive, these would be lining my entire fence.

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Bird nesting supplies. Baby birds need warm, cozy nests! Cotton tufts and aspen fibers are super-soft, dry fast and give nestlings a comfy cushion to rest on as they grow. Birds instantly recognize these superior materials and return again and again to gather and add them to their nests. Green, vinyl-coated wire basket is filled with cotton and ready to hang. #garden

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How to Grow a Backyard Pumpkin Patch >>>> Pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can go really huge or itty bitty. In my garden this year, I've got a couple hills of the 'Trick or Treat' variety, which, if you hadn't guessed, is ideal for jack-o'-lanterns (remember, I'm bound and determined this year!). My third hill of pumpkins (that I just planted on Saturday) are the 'Small Sugar' variety. So what should you use? Here are some popular choices:

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7 Secret Tips for Growing Strawberries

7 Tips and Tricks to Growing Strawberries. Great ideas and tips for DIY and home gardeners for cultivating the best strawberries!

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No-Fuss Sun-Loving Garden Plan

Butterfly Garden. Hint: Butterfly bushes spread like crazy, underground. I have a lot of butterfly bushes in my garden, and all of them came from digging up little ones that have spread from my mother's butterfly bush in her front yard. Now mine spread at my own house!

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