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Miniature art

little people

Compendium of Radness. A blog by Diana Moss about fashion, art, design & other cool things.


A Man Is Creating Miniature Art For Every Day Of The Year And It’s Amazing

Have any ever imagined what everyday objects would be like for us, if we were the size of a pin? Tanaka Tatsuya, a talented artist from Kagoshima, Japan, does imagine it. So let me introduce him and his unique art.…


Miniature worlds by Kendal Murray on everyday objects

Sydney-based artist Kendal Murray spends her time between lecturing about design at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts of the University of Western Sydney and working on her art. In th…


Curious Duke Gallery

Roy's miniature superheroes are back at the Curious Duke Gallery. >> More info:

Cement Eclipses: Tiny Street Art Sculptures by Isaac Cordal