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Miniature Cows

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The Perfect Family Cow? Pros & Cons of Dexter Cattle

The Perfect Family Cow? The Pros & Cons of Raising Dexter Cows (from someone who used to own them but doesn't anymore)

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Mini cows for meat and milk NOTE: I did not originally pin this, however, I would like to pass on some words of wisdom. I have seen numerous pins praising Dexter cows: my aunt raised them and said they eat as much as regular sized cows, they don't milk well and they do not produce hardly any meat because of their bone structure; there is a reason why they haven't caught on so please research!

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They're miniature cows, y'all. MINIATURE COWS! And, you can milk them and make DIY yogurt and miniature Polly Pocket cheeses!!! Mark, honey?

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Dexter cow. A naturally small breed, gentle and hardy. I want a some on my farm.

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Miniature fluffy cow seeing you innocently.

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This is an adorable Mini Highland! OMG I totally want to have one for a pet! Is that possible?!?!?!

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adorable little cow covered in snow

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