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A miniature schnauzer - We named him Stefanwolf, Wolfie for short. I’ll tell you a secret, I made him a facebook page, yes there is an entire animal underworld on facebook. Well, Wolfie is way more popular than I’ll ever be. He brings joy, I hope, and a lot of silliness to the lives of others. It’s really weird and silly, I know, but it’s harmless fun and there should be more of that in this world.


We love our Miniature Schnauzer's.We have Pepper Pooh,Rosie Boo and Molly Bear, they don't live in the same house but when the three of them are together they are the best of friends. Everything is Better with a schnauzer. In loving memory of our Pepper pooh who left us to go home on Saturday July 28th 2013 we will always miss you. On May 15th 2014 we sent our Otis Dude home across the rainbow bridge to be with his Brother and Pack Mate Pepper. Forever in our hearts

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