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The South Kennington home of architect Alex Cochrane. The World of Interiors, November 2016.

post war style and mid century | Post-War Housing - 1945 Style Trends - National Plan Service - Mid ...

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1939 Minimal Traditional - Bay Window - Kit Houses Lewis Manufacturing -- 1930s House Plans

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Post war Minimal Traditional based on the Cape Cod. The style is simplified and streamlined. They were NOT made of cheaper materials. This is a typical home for mid century working middle class Americans.

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After WWII, the Minimal Traditional morphed in to a variety of Ranch styles, including this early suburban type, which had much in common with its predecessor. The ALAMO(1950–1961+) has the extended eaves and hipped roof common to many of the 50s ranches, but it was the simple modernity that won over most Americans.

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Mid Century Cottage Style Minimal Traditional - Nationwide House Plan Service - 1950s Home Design - The Duxbury

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William Smalley established his office in 2010. An architect of rare sensibility, he has developed his own distinctive design language, which rests somewhere between a profound reverence for tradition and an uncompromising minimalism. He shares a deep understanding for old buildings and their contexts with an excitement for new spaces. Known for his use of […]

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Minimal Traditional. 1925-1950. The more ornamented, distinctive styles of the 1920s such as English Revival or Spanish Eclectic were stripped of all unnecessary details and marketed as Modern American, Modern English, or Modern Colonial cottages. These small homes replaced the craftsman-style bungalows of previous decade, which by early 1930s were considered out of date and hopelessly old-fashioned. Because they were small, they were also affordable by many working and middle-class…

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