minimal bedroom design featuring our HUB MIRROR designed by Umbra co-founder, Paul Rowan.

rhysfergusoncreative: ASPIRE // INSPIRE // EXPIREDesign - Art - Photography - Minimal - Black & White

Styling: I like this because is so minimal and uses natural elements portraying beauty and fragility at its best.

This is the advice I will adhere to in my future home- no more useless clutter.

for the longest time, I thought I needed to be more organized; now I know I just needed less stuff #minimalism

Scandinavian minimal window seat nook | Image by Norm Architects

Waste not, want not and how to live a minimal life. #minimal #minimalliving

The key to tackling big, abstract goals like “live a simpler, more intentional life” is to break...

diy marble moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfect

Sell your crap, pay your debt, do what you love - watch Adam Baker's inspiring TEDx talk on living minimally and debt free.

maybe something like this for both desks

Stop making excuses and clean up the clutter in your home! Ask yourself these questions and get rid of your items based on your answers. | POPSUGAR

Getting cozy with this Banana Republic grey knit Cutout Sweater, a go-to for those chilly days | Styled by Alyssa Lenore