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Minimum Wage In Virginia

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Paying off Debt Worksheets

A Year of Savings Worksheet: Put aside $25 each week = practically $100 per month into savings! By the end of the year, $1,300 is saved! TOTALLY DOING THIS IN 2015!!


Working, but Needing Public Assistance Anyway

15 dollar minimum wage. When you pay local workers more, they spend more locally. When corporations don't pay the workers that profit is sent to the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes. We recently coauthored at report Los Angeles Rising: A City That Works for Everyone with the UCLA Labor Center and Institute for Research on Labor and Employment which looked at the consequences, both intended and unintended, of such a lift. We found that a phased-in increase to $15.25 by 2019 will put $5.9 billion…

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Our Budget Under $1700

Feel like it is impossible to live off basically minimum wage while still living comfortably? Think pinching pennies sounds a lot like going without the things you want? Think again! Click through to find out how we live on a tiny budget, save hundreds, and still give to others in the process! Our budget under $1700

If You Told Me I'd Be Fascinated By A Comic About Being Poor, I Would Have Thought You Were Drunk
from Upworthy

If You Told Me I'd Be Fascinated By A Comic About Being Poor, I Would Have Thought You Were Drunk

I love how well a comics style can translate to effective info design. Info design is pretty crucial to comics, imo. (Infograph on Poverty in America by )

from The Huffington Post

Ikea's Minimum Wage Hike Was So Successful, It's Raising Wages Again

Republikkkan Fascists are Against Minimum Wage... know that it Improves the Economy + Reduces the Tax Burden on the Rest of Us. Republikkkans are against it...b/c it impacts the massive profits of the Republikkkan's Corporate Overlords who give Millions in Campaign Funding to keep those same Paid Puppet Republikkkans in office.

from Business Insider

Denmark McDonald's Workers Get Paid Vastly Higher Wages

That's really great and all, but if we could just stop overpaying CEOs that would be awesome.