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Ministry Definition

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Credit to goes to– Bless YOU!!!!! Do I have any “Wounded Healers” in the room? You’ve been there– you would have never signed up to have gone there, but it happened and it’s now a part of your life song. You would never, ever choose to go back to that awful time, but because it …

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the hardest thing to understand is that I can't "fix" people — the Holy Spirit fixes people.

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My Ministry is not Your Ministry: "After all our discord, clash, and clamor, We will one day worship in the presence of the One who orchestrated the perfect symphony of two different testaments, and more impressively a host of clay instruments. (Beth Moore - James Mercy Triumphs)

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Be Intentional Printables

Love these motivational printables about how to be intentional. Bible verse 1 Timothy 4:15-16 about being intentional and definition of intentional.

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What the Book of Daniel reveals about God. For more resources about who God is, see:

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I just wish my boyfriend learned this before he threw away his call to ministry from the Almighty

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Our ministry: We're not in it for the income; we're in it for the outcome. Seek Ye First the Kingdom.

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