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An actual pre-Civil War photograph of a white actor decked out in ‘black face’ makeup during the early days of the popular racist Minstrel Shows of the 19th and early 20th centuries.


minstrel shows, using some elements of satire, criticized and stereotyped black Americans as stupid, happy, watermelon-eating, do domestic jobs or servant type of job, carefree, have thick lips and big mouths, superstitious, lazy, irresponsible, violent, aggressive, and threatening. Uncle Tom, Sambo, Mammy, Mulatto and Wench, Pickaninny, and Buck were the popular cartoon depiction of black Americans in the 19th century and early to mid 20th century.


You are viewing a picture portraying a Minstrel. This is a lithograph advertising the William West Minstrel Show. The Lithograph was created in 1900, by the Strobridge Lithograph Company. Minstrel shows involved white men painting their faces black, and then putting on a show. The shows typically portrayed blacks as ignorant and of low class. The Minstrel show provided entertainment at the expense of African Americans.


This clip is an example of black face minstrelsy and the stereotypical vision of blacks and black politician.


Early on, the roles that Blacks portrayed in any form of media was the "mammy" "uncle tom" "buck" "wench/jezebel" "mulatto" or "pickaninny" Sometimes, most times, blacks weren't even cast by blacks. They had whites in blackface portray Blacks on stage.


The Black And White Minstrel Show Album Cover. Note the way the body is colored white, but the head is black other than eyes and the mouth to enforce more emphasis

1896 Black Paper Dolls of Minstrel Show from Boston Globe Very Rare

1896 Black Paper Dolls of Minstrel Show from Boston Globe Very RARE | eBay