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35 Solid Bronze Franklin Mint Coins of the by LeftoverStuff

On August 7, 1956 sculptor Isaac Scott Hathaway as chosen as the first African American to design a U.S. Mint coin. Then-President Harry S. Truman authorized a commission for the Mint to design a new 50-cent piece. Hathaway received the clearance to design the coin, which featured educator and author Booker T. Washington who was chosen as the coin’s face because Truman wanted “to commemorate the life and perpetuate the ideas and teachings of Booker T. Washington.”

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Handling your change. Each year, the United States Mint makes between 14 billion and 20 billion circulating coins.

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The Celts of Gaul (roughly France) were the first to mint coins which are based on the gold stater of Philip II of Macedon.

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1965 US Mint Coins Special Mint Set w/ Silver Half Dollar -

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