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Miranda Doctrine

The Buddha announced her role to "cut asunder completely all malignant demons, to cut asunder all the spells of turn aside all enemies and dangers and hatred." Her benign and beautiful form belies her ferocity as she is a "fierce, terrifying goddess, garlanded by flames, a pulverizer of enemies and demons." In the Mahayana "Sitatapatra Sutra", she is called "Aparajita" or "undefeatable" and is also identified as a form of goddess Tara

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Meet José Luis de Jesus Miranda he refers to himself as both Jesus Man and the AntiChrist. This is one of the false prophets the Bible warned us about.

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Craigslist Satanist Confesses to Killing Dozens of Innocents - Miranda Barbour charged with murdering at least 22 people - member of satanic cult and has no remorse for her victims. "When I hit 22, I stopped counting. I can pinpoint on a map whee you can find them," she said.

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WHAT a joke that the US President has used his immense power to force schools to have transgender bathrooms. Barack Obama claims this is to protect children from “bullying”.

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Young Mormon Girls Who Know Who They Are - Know What They Want and Know How to Get It!

LDS girls know that what they choose today - has a profound inpact on their future... (CHOICE & ACCOUNTABILITY)

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