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Mirror Neurons

s personnes en dépression ne sont pas les esclaves de leur cerveau détraqué qu'il faudrait remettre sur les rails nécessairement de façon chimique. Notre cerveau est en constante adaptation, et ceci en fonction de notre vécu, sans apport chimique externe. Le corps et l'esprit sont intimeme


The other day, my DBT therapist talked about “Mirror Neurons.” This came in response to me expressing concern that, as a person with BPD, I often experience intense empathy for others in distress. I find the science behind this fascinating and hope you find it interesting, too!


Mirror Neurons, Neuroplasticity And Awareness Of Awareness ~ Repeated tests showed that an observed action in another can signal the same brain response as first-hand physical action. The neurons that fired in response to actions taken by someone else’s body have been called Mirror Neurons. The functioning of mirror neurons (or lack of) has been theoretically linked to autism; they have been described as critical in processes of learning, mimicry, intention, anticipation.


Dr. Dan Siegel - Talks about Disorganized Attachment what's going on in the child's brain and how this impact the child's response to caregivers. #parentchildrelationship