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My mother taught me everything-except how to live without her. (Death of a mother or mom Grieving for mom)


I miss you Mama, and really miss taking care of you. I miss your stories about Daddy and Gerald's childhood. Seeing that you were safe, well fed, happy and clean made me happy. I'm glad we had those years together. I still talk to you when i go into your bedroom. Colston still looks for you. He asks where is his Nana. I love you and I'll see you when I get to heaven Mama. In the mean time I'm taking very good care of your son. He is the love of my life. ♡♡♡


I can still remember the poem you taught me when I was but 7 years old, "The Moore" by Emile Dickinson. You could see into my poets soul because you recognized a piece of you in me.