@mileycyrus: spent a night away from my baby and it feels like years have gone by! i missed u so much little mumu!!!! #emufanclub

Dad i do miss u! So much my heart aches constantly & it is killing me bc i can't imagine living the rest of my life without u in it

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quirksandsmirks: “ naran-ja: “ letsgetnakedanddojumpingjacks: “ Where ma ladies at? ” Miss u so much ” This fit is fly ”

Please pray for those people tiffiny and - Please pray for those people tiffiny and noical and the judges and the states lawyers that god will soften there heart s and give my kids back.and that they Will stop blameing me for what the father did to his kids.i was no Where around i had nothing to do with what he did.i got sick 3yrs ago and let my kids live with there dad i thought it was the right things. To do.i miss my kids so much.please pray that i get a job and a home soon.thank you…

Okay I'll be waiting. I have break at 1 but either way call me. I miss u so much

im angry at you because you let me down and hurt me, but Im scared of loosing you because I love and need you so much, yet I feel like you don't care, you treat me like rubbish then say all the right things. when im with you I feel better but then when were apart the doubt kicks in. im so confused.

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Sade Sanchez Irita Pai Ellie English: STOLEN GEAR ALERT L.A. WITCH: Tour Van Broken into Bristol UK - Please help if you can. SADE SANCHEZ - vox/guitar IRITA PAI - bass ELLIE ENGLISH - drumsAfter our show in Bristol we woke up to the front passenger window and door smashed in on our tour van. We are absolutely devastated as it is only the 3rd show of a month long European/UK Tour. $4000 worth of stolen items were all labeled with our band name Sade's name and email and include the…

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