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Text Dividers

FREE Text Dividers - Designs By Miss Mandee. 11 hand drawn, whimsical lines, perfect for stationary design, blog elements, you name it!

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I waited 3 days but you didn't text me. I'm still waiting, hoping you'll realize what you're missing

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You know what, I'll admit it. I'm kinda needy/clingy. Because nowadays, that means that I text straight back and miss you when we don't speak for a whole day. Sorry, I'm such a friggen inconvenience.

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Whay my texting means... When I Miss You

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As a dude, let me just say, we try to be as straightforward as we can. That means, if he texts you, he likes you. He is probably just worried about money/friends/plans/pets/parents/other girls in the way of you and him.

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Sometimes I wish I would've text him after our break up but instead I deleted everything that has to do with him and changed my numbers.

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