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Kim Holtermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Denmark. In addition to his burgoing career in photography which only began a few years ago, Holtermand’s day job has him working as a fingerprints expert in the Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police. This work was selected from a few different series of which fog is an ongoing theme.

from Bleacher Report

George W. Bush Pens Letter of Support to Cade Foster

George W. Bush Wrote to Alabama's Kicker That Missed 3 Field Goals in Iron Bowl... From one #43 to another. How cool is that?


Even if you've failed 9 times you can succeed on your 10th try. All it takes is one shot one pass and one play to win a game. Even if you're playing poorly. Stay involved get on the ball and tell yourself "I can do this!" | Instagram: @progressivesoccer


One of the best feelings in the world. This is y I love my team, all those wonderful memories... Then there r those who r not so wonderful haha