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A different kind of Christmas... not a happy time of year without you Robbie. 〰❤〰❤〰❤〰


This is just how I feel about my Daddy. The only difference is that I didn't know him as an adult. But I still feel him there beside me. When the wind blows on a spring day...when the rain falls....when the sun shines on is my Daddy. When I see a butterfly next to me or a bird singing its sweet song. They are all gifts from my Daddy. Miss him so much.

Missing my son...Always saying your name... 11/7/85 - 6/23/14

from My Altered State

In Medias Res II

proud daughter of a dad who listens to everything around him now, even when they don't think he is paying attention...especially then. you did the right thing dad, she needs to know you see her as she is. bravo.