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Missing my granny, Father n law, grandfathers, uncles and aunts, my cousin who was just like a brother to me. All of them.

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There is NO WAY anyone will ever convince me otherwise. NEVER.***

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I hope whatever your doing with whomever youre doing it with tonight is making you happy! Sorry I wasnt enough for you.

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How do I let you go? How do I stop loving you? How do I forget all the I love you's and all the happy times? What do I do with my memories?

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Everyday I go through this. It's a constant incessant felling of sadness and longing, most of the time my eyes just fill up with tears. Release me, please release me from this constant heartbreak.

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as time goes on, with every tick of clock and with the turn of each day..I will miss you and I will always keep missing you for the rest of days...until I'm with you again.

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