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Missouri Compromise

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Statehood: The Missouri Compromise of 1820

Statehood: The Missouri Compromise of 1820Statehood: The Missouri Compromise of 1820 is a Social Studies lesson I created to help my 4th grade students understand the issues surrounding how Missouri became a state in 1821. Since I teach in Missouri, the primary focus of this lesson is how the Missouri Compromise of 1820 led to statehood for the Show-Me State.


The Missouri Compromise

Middle School History Geography Worksheets: The Missouri Compromise


Using a T-Chart storyboard, students will compare and contrast the viewpoints from both the proponents of the Missouri Compromise as well as the opponents.

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Close Reading (Civil War Part 1) With Writing to Text Prompts

An excellent way to integrate ELA and Social Studies or American History, this fantastic resource for upper elementary or middle school students is great for daily review, centers, early finishers, or even whole class instruction. Some topics addressed include: Sectionalism Tariffs Plantations Slavery Slave Rebellions Slave Codes The Underground Railroad The Missouri Compromise The Compromise of 1850 The Dread Scott Case The Election of Abraham Lincoln

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Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Kansas Nebraska Act, Fugitive Slave Law

Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Kansas Nebraska Act, Fugitive Slave Law, Uncle Tom's Cabin • Aim: How did Congress compromise over the issue of slavery? Students will research, analyze, and use their critical thinking skills to read the documents and complete the scaffolding questions. They will use their inferential skills to make predictions about the successes or failures of the compromises.