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    Misspelled Tattoos

    Don't Swipe 4

    23 Hilariously Misspelled Tattoo Fails

    29 Heartbreakingly Misspelled Tattoos // Terribly funny.

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    32 Tattoo Fails That Are SO Embarrassing - Hilarious Misspelled Tattoos - these people need to see the folks at Tattoo Nightmares. Tho, I think some of these are beyone rescue.

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    You are going to need that"streangth"when you get this tattoo removed.

    30 Misspelled Tattoos this is awesome!

    WAHTEVER happens. | 29 Heartbreakingly Misspelled Tattoos

    misspelled tattoos... *cringe-worthy*

    39 Hilariously Misspelled Tattoo Fails

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    Tragically Misspelled Tattoos (Photo Gallery)

    Another 10 Misspelled Tattoos (tattoo spelling, tattoo spelling mistakes) - ODDEE

    "Gideon's tantrums, misspelled tattoos, Shandra's rejections, society's views, a fear of witches, a life of regret, these are the things that they try to forget."

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    Kelly & Michael reported that Hayden Panettiere is having her misspelled tattoo removed.