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How (George) Romney Championed Civil Rights and Challenged His Church

It wasn't Barack Obama's father marching for civil rights...libs don't even realize they are now and have always been the largest group of racists in America. NOTE The Democrats started the KKK. Democrat Senator Byrd was high ranking KKK until the day he died. Al Gore's father was also in the KKK. Google it. Learn our history. The blacks were told to vote Democrat or they would be killed.

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Funniest Post-Election Memes

Funniest Trump Transition Memes: Trump at War with SNL and Hamilton

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Trump's complete tweets when Obama beat Romney. He's not good with facts. This is when he thought Romney won the popular vote. After he found out Barack won the popular vote as well, he deleted them. Doesn't matter. Social media was too fast for him.

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Rare Fisher Price Little People 686 Car and Camper Set, Complete & Original 5 Pieces

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UNITE and DEFEAT MITT Romney, He Never went with out a meal or had his lights or water shut off or lose a roof over his head , because of no work , STAND YOUR GROUND !

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At first I was like, amen. And then I was like wait that means Obama isn't real and I got real cornfused

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This is America. We are exceptional in that individuals are free to act and to be judged on their merits alone. We HAVE seen his merits. VOTE OBAMA OUT!!!!!!

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A humorous image that speaks volumes about gendered expectations, roles, and attitudes in modern times, as seen reflected by various institutions (especially the media). Perhaps the greatest threat to equality for the sexes and the deconstruction of masculinity and femininity is the idea that everyone is equal when it is so painfully obvious that inequities in opportunity, outcome, presentation, and representation persist with a strength.

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