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Mm's shower

" Shower, Dinner or ... Me? " | Luciel - MC [3/3]

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" Shower, Dinner or ... Me? " | Luciel - MC [1/3]

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" Shower, Dinner or ... Me? " | Luciel - MC [2/3]

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These are sooo sweet and coordinate beautifully with our Tiffany Invitations at The Paper Dolls Co on Etsy!! Please stop by and visit us:)

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Vegetable dip platter...I will be filling green, red, orange and yellow peppers with homemade killer hummus.

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Sand Dollar Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Almond flower. sand dollar cinnamon sugar cookies - i won't like this but mama will

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Sorry for the wait! Here’s MC “accidentally” walking into Yoosung! Read from left to right please. Zen walking into MC: here Zen taking a shower: here MC walks into Jumin: here Jumin walks into MC: here MC walks into 707 after shower here 707 walks...

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