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Virginia Hill (1916-1966) was one of the most famous female mobsters. She was a courier for the national crime syndicate, moving thousands of dollars from one mobster to the next, even overseas. She purportedly slept with many gangsters, but was Bugsy Siegel's girlfriend. She fled to Austria after the Government went after her for tax evasion. She died on the ski slopes of Salzburg, Austria after ingesting a heavy dose of sleeping pills. She was 49 years old.


Mobster Frank Costello enjoying a cigarette— he claims to have retired completely from the racket except for owning the Beverly Club outside New Orleans, 1949.

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Bugsy Siegel: Style Icon

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel - Gangster. Also credited as the man who created Las Vegas. Siegel built The Flamingo the first hotel on the Strip.

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Carlo Gambino (2)

Carlo Gambino was a quiet, but very dangerous man. Allegedly he killed his way to the top of the Gambino family, heading the crime family for 20 years, and The Commission for more than 15 years. Remarkably Gambino spent a total of 22 months in prison for his life of crime.


Frank Valenti, the one time boss of the Rochester, NY Mafia. He attended Apalachin. A true gangster.