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Frank "The German" Schweihs. The most feared hitman in Chicago or anywhere. Most people don't know this, but Frank was an assassin for ALL kinds of "groups" and people. He did hits for people in high places and NOT JUST mobsters!

As a teenager, Siegel met and formed an alliance with future Syndicate leader Meyer Lansky. Known as the Bugs and Meyer Mob, the gang operated out of Manhattan's Lower East Side. Working mainly in bootlegging, Siegel and Lansky's gang eventually folded into the Syndicate, a loosely bound organization that unified mobsters from various national gangs. A separate "enforcement" branch of the Syndicate was created simply for carrying out murders. Siegel was one of the founding members

Gambino mobsters Tommy Massotto (center) and Johnny Drago off to a meeting at…

Timothy D. "Big Tim" Murphy (died June 26, 1928) was a Chicago mobster and labor racketeer who controlled several major railroad, laundry and dye workers' unions during the 1910s and early 1920s.

Genovese mobster Vincent Alo aka Jimmy Blue Eyes a few months before his death.

Lucky Luciano from Black & White to Colour, with his Dog Bambi

Frank Costello - October 9, 1972