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Banana mochi bread

A moist and delicious island style banana bread. It is also gluten-free as we are using mochiko in the recipe. Mochiko is a japanese sweet rice flour.

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Homemade Mochi Ice Cream-So easy and delicious!-Hint: Bonus points if you have Neapolitan ice cream on hand-three different flavours! Mochi Ice Cream-3.5 tbsp 50 grams mochiko (sweet rice) flour* 7tbsp 100 grams sugar, 100 ml water Cornstarch. Flour and water together 1 tbs at at time, add in sugar when 1 is combined. Microwave high, 2 mins, half power 1 min. Coat with A LOT of flour on a cutting board spread out by hand after cooling in the fridge-10 mins.

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Hawaiian Style Mochiko Chicken

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1 1/2 c. glutinous rice/ mochiko flour; 1 tbsp. matcha green tea powder; 1/2 c. white sugar; 1 1/2 c. water; --Mix all of the ingredients together and pour into a greased glass container. Microwave for 7-10 minutes. The mixture puffs up when when cooked.

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EXPLAINING GLUTEN FREE FLOURS:: *1~Rice Flour:(a)Brown Rice Flour (b)White Rice Flour (c)Sweet Rice Flour (Mochiko) *2~Potato flour: (a)Potato Flour (b)Potato starch *3~Buckwheat Flour *4~Quinoa Flour *5~Millet Flour *6~Garbanzo & Fava Bean Flours *7~Tapioca flour/starch

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1 1/2 sticks of butter, 3 cups sugar, 1 (6oz) box Mochiko Flour, 1 tsp Baking Powder, 1 tsp Vanilla Extract, 4 Eggs, 1 can Coconut Milk, 2 cups milk. Mix, Bake.

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Ultra soft stringy, sticky rice bread

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Orange Mochi Pancakes

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Okinawan Sweet Potato Mochi- SUB milk for almond milk- Mochiko flour = sweet white rice flour

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