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I've just returned from a weekend in the middle of nowhere, France, staying in an 11th century chateau with better modern art and design than any major museum I'd ever reluctantly queued up for. And a peculiar thing happened when I got home after 48 blissful hours away. At 10 o'clock on a Sunday eve

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In the #designer’s own words, there’s simply “not much to say about Circulo!” #Beautifully simple, the modern design presents a different way of telling time. The primary circle revolves around the greater space to indicate the hour while also revolving around itself to give the minutes with a small orange #dial. Hence its name! Next to the sundial, it’s time represented in its most reduced and familiar visual form! #Yankodesign #Watch #Watch

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Atomic clock and sign art by Stevotomic

Welcome Daddy-O to the Decade of Sputnick! You're a real hep-cat for stopping in. Check it out. See you later, gator!!!

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