It's time for another edition of the science behind the jewelry! This geometric necklace is inspired by Mohr's circle and is 3D printed in gold steel. Mohrs circle named for Christian Mohr is a way many engineers show normal and shear stress visually. Stress is technically defined asthe force applied divided by the cross sectional area seeing the force. Mohrs circle can be applied to both 2D and 3D stress by changing the number of circles drawn in the plot. #mechanicalengineering…

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Mohr's circle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Mohr Circle by tigretimida

Dark Mohr's Circle Necklace on a sliver chain or light on a black chain. What do you prefer? Pick your design to match your style! by sci_chic

The Mohr Circle

plane strain mohr's circle - Google Search

Plotting the Mohr Circle

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