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Is your body just not the same since you’ve had children? Perhaps your breasts sag or aren’t as full as they once were. Maybe your abdomen is weak with extra skin or fatty tissue. Pregnancy and childbirth can take a toll on a woman’s body. What’s a mother to do? A mommy makeover may be the answer. Check out our infographic below to learn more about a mommy makeover and the procedures involved.

“I wanted a mommy makeover since the day my daughter was born. I'm very active, in shape, and just wanted to look the way I feel. [..] I love my new body. For once in my life I am happy with or without clothes on! I feel sexy and beautiful all the time!” #Transformation #Confidence #MommyMakeover

"Mommy Makeover" defines a group of cosmetic procedures that can restore your before-baby body.

Mommy Makeover: When Will You Be Ready? - Do you fancy an infographic? There are a lot of them online, but if you want your own please visit Online girano molte infografiche, se ne vuoi realizzare una tutta tua visita

Infographic: Mommy Makeover Cost, Facts, and Figures #mommymakeover #raleigh

Infographic: Mommy Makeover Cost, Facts, and Figures #mommymakeover #raleigh

“I run. I run a lot. But I knew that no amount of diet and exercise was ever going to get rid of the mommy tummy. [...] I’m so glad I had a Mommy Makeover. I’m very happy with my results.” #Transformation #Confidence #MommyMakeover

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Beautiful results after a Mommy Makeover including breast augmentation, mini-tummy tuck and liposuction of the abdomen and flanks.

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