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Mondelez Uk

As Toblerone shrinks, UK consumers vociferously ‘mind the gap’:Mondelez International said the decision to decrease the weight of the Swiss chocolate bars was due to rising ingredient costs, not Brexit. Brits were not amused.

from The Verge

Toblerone swears this perfect metaphor for Brexit has nothing to do with Brexit

America may be voting on its next president today, but in the UK there are more pressing matters to deal with: someone has been fucking with our chocolate. Mondelez International, makers of the...

from the Guardian

Cadbury owner paid no UK corporation tax last year

Mondelez was able to pay no UK corporation tax as a result of a Channel Islands-based bond, despite Cadbury making £96.5m profit in 2014 - another reason to buy fair trade chocolate and not cadbury.

Nestle, Mondelez International and Unilever have said they will make changes to their products to try to cut the amount of saturated fat consumed in the UK: #food #science #news #nestle

from Mail Online

Cadbury's pays no tax on UK profits

Cadbury's owners Mondelez International, previously Kraft Foods, did not pay a penny of UK corporation tax last year despite generating sales of more than £2billion and profits of £150million (file image)

from mirror

Cadbury pay NO corporation tax despite making £2BILLION in sales

Mondelez International, previously Kraft Foods, legally avoided paying tax despite Cadbury UK posting nearly £100million profits in 2014.