Dollar Bill Butterfly

Money tree idea - link is image only (I especially like the idea of the pennies in the pot)

Creative ways to gift money- 15 Clever ways to give away money and make it fun!

Money Tree. Cool, fun way to give money to kids for special occasions.

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Plays With Needles: The Money Tree

Books and on line games to begin to teach money

Money does grow on trees! At least it does with this amazing DIY gift for any graduating student. Celebrate the grad with this beautiful money tree. Step by step how to instructions here:

A money tree for a wedding reception. I bought everything I needed at Hobby Lobby to make this to include the branch which I found in the floral department. I painted the miniature clothespins and the branch with glitter spray paint to match the wedding colors.

how to set tree branches in pots using expanding foam - sooooo wish I knew this months ago - sigh

50th wedding anniversary money tree topiary

Money Tree - we did this for my Dad's 80th birthday- $80 of ones...could tie on $ or gift cards.

White wish tree makes a lovely touch. Drape The Pearls On The Branch !!!

Use the easter branches for hte tree, put them into a terra cotta pot with some potting soil. Use ribbon to attach the money to the tree. Wrap the pot in a pretty blue and gold ribbon with a bow.

Christmas tree, soda bottle, and balloon are good

Money Tree - this one looks a bit time consuming. I have taken a ficus tree and clipped money all over it collected from the class - fast and easy!

hoiw to make a money topiary tree gift - - I LOVE this idea - be crafty, but they still get what they want (cash) - - step by step tutorial instructiosn - Sugar Bee Crafts

Money tree -- DIY 100 - $1 bills A few rolls of pennies 5 or 6 skewers Pins for sewing A foam ball -) A pot for a potted plant -Get the foam base in the pot -Add 5 or so skewers into the middle as close together as possible -Attach foam ball to the top of he same, to make it more interesting change the lengths that you pin the dollars into the ball. -If there are any left over bills, use those to fill in sparse spaces -Fill the pot on top of the bottom piece of foam with the pennies!

NAPA Balkamp has a tradition (started out as a Money Tree) of collecting money from workmates as a farewell gift to a retiring employee This one was made for Carol Cline's retireement party. She were highheels for 40 yrs that she worked at Balkamp.

DIY Rustic Wedding Wish Tree - Rustic Wedding Chic, love love love this idea, and a good friend of mine gave me the link to this!!

A fun present if someone wants money instead of a gift!

Money Tree cute gift for any occasion. My b-day in January...just in case.;)

Black and Gold "Money" Cake - love the use of $2 bills! Maybe progress to higher bill amounts from bottom to top similar to this. ***Update: check out my version of the money cake under my "My Creations!" Board! I love the way it turned out :)

creative way to gift cash

“Am I too old to make money proofreading?” We get this question quite often, actually — someone writes in and they’re worried no one will hire them because they’re too old. Here are the results after asking students in their age group who are taking and have completed the course.