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EASTERN/Mongol/ Parts of a Mongolian Ger: (1) collapsible latticework walls (2) straight roof planks (3) smoke hole (4) felt or wool covering (5) central fireplace (6) central support poles (7) fireplace stand (8) large iron pot (9) "dombo"- tall wooden container for tea (10) stools (11) "chagata"- rope braided between the uni and resembling lamb intestines, is a symbol of wealth and prosperity (12) small bag of grain and wool tufts as a sacrifice to the guardian spirit of the hearth.

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A complete guide to making a Mongolian Ger / yurt #travel #camping

A yurt in Chingissin, Mongolia. Nomadic architecture creates some of the most flexible spaces in architecture and has for most of human history. Not only do most nomadic structure have an open plan, they also are so flexible that they collapse and can travel with you.

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I want a ger and I want it to be authentic. The furniture MUST be unmistakably Mongolian! :)

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Mongolian Ger « One of the thing you should add in your list if you went trekking to Mongolia is sleeping in a ger with a nomadic family.