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The Sad Life of Monica Lewinsky ➤ - Mail Online - 2012 10 10

'I'm still in love with Bill': Friends say why Monica Lewinsky has never got married or had kids

Monica Lewinsky Twitter: Controversial Figure Faces Backlash After Joining, 'Consequences When You Diddle With Married Men' [VIDEO] : Celebrities : ENSTARZ

Hill, Bill & Monica. Bill sexually used Monica Lewinsky for 18 months during his Presidency and lied about it under oath. He was therefore impeached and his law license suspended. Bill lusts after any woman who is not Hillary while pretending to be happily married to and making endless campaign appearances with her. The C's lust for endless money and power and will do absolutely anything to acquire both including lying, stealing (from the WH), and masquerading.

What We Can Learn From Monica Lewinsky...And so I’m asking those of you who do know Him to consider what that means for you. Dare you to join me in thinking deeply about what we are teaching our daughters, what we are modeling for them as we come to understand Biblical submission and respect

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Letter To Monica Lewinsky From A Feminist (" If a woman throws herself at another woman’s husband or committed partner, she will never ever see support from women as a whole, feminists included. She will not get the benefit of sisterly solidarity. To expect that is naïve, and to criticize feminists for not supporting you after blowing the married president reads as another attempt to cast the spotlight on you. Congratulations. We are all talking about you again. But the conversation hasn’t…

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I don't know about you but I did a quick OMG when I heard the news that Monica Lewinsky- the infamous White House intern who turned President Clinton's tenure into an ongoing parody of a White House where oral sex ruled the roost- was planing a TELL ALL book about her sexcapades with the former president. Looking back on that period of t

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Strictly speaking, my interest is not in legal rights for animals but in a change of heart towards animals. J. M. Coetzee

If Hillary Clinton weren’t married to the man Monica Lewinsky called “the Big Creep”, she might have been able to properly weaponise Donald Trump’s sex tapes in last night’s debate.

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