Make your own natural accent jewelry.

Monkey Fist Key Chain - Spiral knot - steel ball bearing. Handmade Paracord Accessories. ParacordLady

In this tutorial I show you a way to make a globe knot big enough to cover marbles and ball bearings, as well as how to make this knot a bit bigger by doubli...

I figured this out once on my own but could never do it again!

Give your puppy a toy and a treat with this knotted rope DIY. you know I like monkeys fist #knots! This is cool.

How to Make a Monkey Fist: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Paracordist: Monkey's Fist self defense lanyard - how to tie a manrope knot and 4 strand round braid

Knots, some are pretty, with Instructions. Grog's Sliding Splice | Monkey's Fist | Turk's Head | Lanyard Knot | Celtic Knot | Masthead Knot Mat | Carrick Bend Mat | Ocean Plait Mat | Crown Sinnet | Chain Sinnet| Braid Single Rope | Cobra Lanyard Stitch | Wall Knot | Double Matthew Walker | Wall & Crown

The monkey fist is a no-nonsense self defense weapon made of parachute cord and a steel ball. You can adjust its size and weight depending on the size ball you choose. Follow these simple instructions to craft your own monkey fist. See the easy instructions at here… DIY Paracord Monkey Fist Instructions

Paracord whip - oooooh! with monkey fists packing some ball bearing heat for a cat o nine tails!

8 Clever New Self Defense Tools To Help Keep Women Safe

The "Door Knocker" keychain - 10" overall, paracord, 3/4" steel bearing Monkey's Fist, #selfdefense - Paracordist Creations LLC

▶ How to Tie a Monkey's Fist - The Weavers of Eternity Renaissance. YouTube #survival #paracord #Paracordist Creations LLC - Paracord Bolas / Boleadora with Triple Steel Ball Monkey Fists, $99.95 (