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Mermaid Tail with Scales in Arctic Blue, Genuine Fin Fun Tail, Swimmable, Machine Washable, Beautiful Fin, Realistic, Tail Comes with Monofin, Monofin Fits All Foot Sizes (12) Fin Fun

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Fin Fun Mermaid - makers of real mermaid tails you can swim in! Our mermaid tail and monofin combination provides the look, movement and fun of swimming like a real mermaid. Adult sizes to toddler mermaid costumes and matching swim suits, too!

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Finfolk Productions Hmm... A mermaid tail... If I could swim I would definitely wear this. More

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Mermaid Tail in Mediterranean Sea Blue By Fin Fun Mermaid-Tail comes with Monofin Flipper (Girls 12) Fin Fun

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