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1961 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog

1961 Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog. *Every year I grabbed that when it came and I would mark my initials on every toy in the catalog. Definitely as wish book.


A Marx metal house and plastic furnishings in the 1957 Montgomery Ward Toy Catalogue p.189. I had one just like this:)


Summer 1959 Montgomery Ward catalog. I remember swimming pool advertisements like these in the Sears catalog during my childhood - I wanted them all! (And got a few of them - loved a pool!)

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1977 montgomery ward christmas catalog -tv toys, mego, star wars, action figures

1977 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog -- this and the SEARS catalog -- hours spent flipping and dog earring the pages.


Montgomery Ward - I shopped here with my mom. Got my first microwave oven back in '82 from here. They are still around but I think they only do mail order, as I received a catalog from them not too long ago!

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