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2013-2014 behavior log calendars! This would save me so much time...I don't need them anymore, but maybe one of my teacher friends can use these!


These data sheets are for teachers who use a clip chart and clip chart calendars to manage classroom behavior. They will give your students the opportunity to analyze and reflect on their classroom behavior. At the end of each month, students can use their behavior calendars to color in the bar graph to represent the colors on their calendar. Once they have colored in their bar graph, they can analyze their data, using one of the 6 response sheets.


a behavior chart thats cute to use. I like the bottom where is states what the behavior was and says " I did or I was, I did not" Helps students learn they are responsible for their own behavior and choices. Also they know why they were in trouble and had consequences.


KinderKids Fun: monthly behavior calendar with the color their child ended the day on. If the child ends the day on pink, purple, blue, or green, I just color the color in. If the color is on the bottom of the chart, I color in the circle and write the reason for the move.


This behavior chart goes really well with any hanging behavior chart with the clothespins but this is the chart that is kept in their folders that they have to fill in themselves everyday & write a word on how they feel about their behavior that day (good/bad). It helps students reflect on their actions that day whether good or bad based on where they're clothespin was at that day (make better choices, ready to learn, excellent effort etc.) & teachers/parents can keep track of the behaviors…


monthly behavior calendar to stay in the take-home folder...students fill in the color they end on and you write in the code of their misbehavior...this would certainly cut back on paper


So, I got half of the year finished before the crazy back to school season started.  I will finish the rest of the year once things die down a little over here.  Thank you for the wonderful feedback! I hope you can use them and I'm sorry it took so long!! :)