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Moon Phase Tattoo

A down-the-spine temporary tattoo of the phases of the moon to show off a backless dress. Photo: Etsy

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Moon Phases Tattoo - to show that I've changed over time, but essentially, I'm still the same person.

Phases of the Moon Temporary Transfer Tattoos 1 by ElvenChronicle

  • katie van delft

    The phase order is incorrect (if you're looking at it top to bottom). The first crescent moon after a new moon is actually illuminated on the right side, not the left.

  • Ciera Janicek

    I see it too hahaha. My friend has this on her back. Now all I'm going to think about is York mints with bites out of them! hahah

  • Elaina Hills

    They kinda look like York peppermint thingies. Or am I the only one who sees that?

Fases lunares en tinta blanca | Moon phases in white ink Tattoo design.

Compass Tattoo with Moon Phases on Chest

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Moon Phases Tattoo, I love it and think it would be perfect to put behind my owls to finish my chest piece

Phases of the moon and Unalome tattoo by Alex Bawn on Instagram Alexandra Bawn

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Moon Tattoo- if i ever got the courage to get a tattoo it would be this

Sister tattoo, moon phases - Nikki Grover media-cache-ak0.p...

The New Gymwear Trend: Mullet Leggings Whether or not you believe in the power of the moon, these luna leggings will capture your attention. Each time we glance at the moon’s phases that run along the backside of the legs, we see something different: Are they cutouts? Tattoos? Hanging chads? The leggings have a wide waistband that will stay put during forward bends, and the pattern is inspired by the ...

Moon Phases Tattoo Temporary Tattoo Full Moon by SymbolicImports

Moon phases? I love the detail on this one, but I don't know about that size

Moon Phases tattoo by Greek tattoo artist Peter Angelfox

moon phases. The bottom one and third from the bottom I love.

Each tattoo is a highly detailed piece of art designed by me. My temporary tattoos are attractively packaged for you with a postcard instruction sheet.

New ink. The phases of the moon for my sister of the moon. Thoraya AL-shikh I love you forever and always. #new #tattoo #soulsister ...

Best Moon Tattoo Designs

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Pamela Love design - can't get enough of them moon phase tattoos

moon phases tattoo

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Phases of the Moon Bracelet by TheScienceBoutique on Etsy