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Moral literacy

Infographics are great to display throughout the classroom in order to creatively organize and display information. This particular one offers "9 Rules for Digital Citizenship," which is essential to 21st century society. It encompasses digital literacy, financial literacy, media literacy, moral literacy, and global literacy. It offers great outlets for conversations on equal rights, responsible spending, threats with technology, and respectful communication.

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Help your students discover the meaning of themes, morals, and lessons used in texts with this fun animated video from SRA FLEX Literacy: Introduction to Reading Skills. #engchat visit to learn more or sample this program.

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Discussing different views of morals is critical in the 21st century classroom. It is important to encourage questioning, and with discussing the meaning of morality, and what society views as moral and immoral, students learn more about where they sit on each debate.

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4 Fabulous Ideas for Teaching Theme

Teaching Fourth: 4 Fabulous Ideas for Teaching Theme

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