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More and less kindergarten

This hands-on free resource is designed to help you teach the concepts of more and less to young or struggling learners using concrete materials. This is a partner activity that is perfect for preschoolers or kindergarteners. Check out the other resources for teaching more and less in this post.

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Build Kindergarten Number Sense with these 20 differentiated centers! In "Spiders Spin to Win," students learn to compare numbers to determine which is more or less.

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How Many More and Less Task Cards

How Many More and Less Task Cards. Hands on number comparison activity for kindergarten and first grade. Great math center!

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One More and One Less Freebie

I’ve been hanging out in a Kindergarten classroom recently, and it’s an experience I highly recommend. My classroom experience was all from 2nd through 5th grade (mostly 5th), so it’s a trip working with the babies. I attached myself to a workstation with the One More and One Less activity shown below, and I got …

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This is a free activity for teaching the concepts of more and less in preschool or kindergarten by comparing concrete quantities.

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One More, One Less Memory - Besides WAR, another game the students love to play is MEMORY. To change things up a bit, since we've been doing "One More, One Less" in math (addition, subtraction), I changed the rules to MEMORY to incorporate our study. So if a child picks a 4, they can match to either One More (5) or One Less (3). Another neat thing about using regular playing cards in Kindergarten is that if you lose one, it really doesn't matter.

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