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Morning Suit Cravats

Look familiar? The late 19th century cultivated a trend for men that would last until well... today. The slightly baggier pants with a solid colored coat became all the rage of this time, and while we don't have their top hats and canes, the template of that look remains in today's business world. Oh yeah, and did I mention? Cravats are gone!


For the Grooms wear, Sarah and Craig were impressed by the quality and price that Mr Savile of Brentwood had to offer. Sarah spotted the groomswear company at a wedding fayre and decided that this was the best place to hire the outfits for the day.Craig wore a dark grey morning suit with a silver waistcoat whilst the rest of the groom’s party wore ivory waistcoats. All men wore Cadbury purple cravat and handkerchiefs; sticking to the wedding’s colour theme of lilac, silver and ivory.

from Andrews & Pygott: The Morning Dress Guide

Morning Coats

Real morning dress, except with a bow-tie. Should be a tie or cravat.


Edwardian males - As seen in the picture, men's day dress consisted of a single breasted morning coat, waist coat, trousers, cravat, and top hat or bowler.