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Morphology is the study of the basic building blocks of meaning in language. These building blocks, called morphemes, are the smallest units of language that bear meaning or have grammatical function.

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Prefixes and Suffixes, The Basics

Prefixes and Suffixes, The Basics Prefixes are those groups of letters that are added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning. Each prefix has its own meaning, as seen in the table.

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Greek and Latin Roots Mnemonic Unit

This is a COMPLETE mnemonic unit on eighty-four Greek and Latin roots that are the building blocks of thousands of English words. By the time your students are finished with this unit, they will have memorized the meanings of these eighty-four common Greek and Latin roots. As a result, they will be able to figure out the meaning of thousands of English words. I made it about five years ago for 8th graders. Been using it ever since for a variety of grade levels!


8.) Socio-linguistics and Language Development (syntax)/JD- Syntax is the arrangement of words and structures to form a sentence.These are examples of different forms of sentence structure you can use to make a well-formed sentence.